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Sakura 1000ml (34oz)

Sakura 1000ml (34oz)

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  • 800ML CAPACITY: This handcrafted teapot has a capacity of 800ml (27oz), perfect for brewing tea for yourself or a small group.
  • HIGH-GRADE CAST IRON EXTERIOR: The teapot features a high-grade cast iron exterior with a beautiful cherry blossom or Sakura design, adding an elegant touch to your tea time.
  • SMOOTH ENAMEL INTERIOR: The smooth enamel interior ensures years of use and prevents oxidization and rusting, maintaining the teapot's pristine appearance.
  • STAINLESS STEEL MESH INFUSER: Equipped with a stainless steel mesh infuser, allowing you to brew loose-leaf tea with ease and convenience.
  • EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION: The teapot distributes heat evenly, ensuring optimal flavor extraction from the tea leaves.
  • EXTENDED HEAT RETENTION: Preserves the tea's heat for an extended period, allowing you to savor your tea at your own pace.
  • STOVE TOP SAFE: Suitable for use on stovetops, providing versatility for different brewing methods.
  • AESTHETIC AND FUNCTIONAL: The teapot is not only visually stunning with its Sakura design but also functional, offering a delightful tea-drinking experience.
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