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Cuisiland Large Heavy Duty Cast Iron Bread & Loaf Pan

Cuisiland Large Heavy Duty Cast Iron Bread & Loaf Pan

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  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY BREAD AT HOME: With Cuisiland's cast iron bread loaf pan, you can now create professional-quality bread in the comfort of your own kitchen. Experience the joy of baking fresh, delicious bread with this exceptional cast iron bakeware.
  • EXCEPTIONAL HEAT RETENTION: Crafted from cast iron, this bread baker ensures exceptional heat retention, allowing for even and thorough baking of your bread. The cast iron material helps create a consistent and desired temperature throughout the baking process.
  • EASY-RELEASE FINISH: The cast iron surface of this bread baker is designed to provide an easy-release finish, ensuring that your bread slides out effortlessly once baked. Say goodbye to sticking or unevenly baked bread with this high-quality cast iron bakeware.
  • OPEN HANDLES DESIGN: The bread baker features open handles, making it easy to remove the cover mid-bake. This allows you to check on the progress of your bread or make adjustments as needed without interrupting the baking process.
  • SHALLOW BASE: The bread baker's shallow base makes it easy to load your dough into the pan. Whether you're working with sticky dough or adding decorative toppings, the shallow base provides convenience and ease during the baking preparation.
    • 15.35" x 10.24" x 5.7"
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