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Borosilicate Glass Teakettle (Striped 1200 ml)

Borosilicate Glass Teakettle (Striped 1200 ml)

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  • HIGH-QUALITY BOROSILICATE GLASS: This teapot is made of premium borosilicate glass, known for its durability and heat resistance. The high-quality glass ensures a safe and enjoyable tea brewing experience.
  • REMOVABLE GLASS FILTER: The teapot comes with a removable glass filter, allowing you to steep your tea leaves or herbal infusions with ease. The filter ensures a smooth and flavorful tea while preventing any loose tea leaves from entering your cup.
  • DIRECT FIRE OR STOVE TOP SAFE: Designed to withstand direct heat, this teapot can be used on a direct fire or stove top for convenient tea preparation. Its versatility allows you to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of tea anytime, anywhere.
  • EASY TEA MAKING: With its user-friendly design, making tea is a breeze. Simply add your desired tea leaves or herbs to the glass filter, pour hot water, and let it steep to perfection. The transparent glass allows you to observe the brewing process, ensuring optimal extraction of flavors.
  • 1200 ML CAPACITY: With a generous size of 1200 ml, this tea filter offers ample space to brew a large quantity of tea, perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying multiple servings. It allows you to steep a generous amount of tea leaves, ensuring a flavorful and satisfying tea experience.
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