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Borosilicate Glass Teakettle (Clear 1200 ml)

Borosilicate Glass Teakettle (Clear 1200 ml)

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  • HIGH-QUALITY BOROSILICATE GLASS: This teapot is made of premium borosilicate glass, known for its durability and heat resistance. The high-quality glass ensures a safe and enjoyable tea brewing experience.
  • REMOVABLE GLASS FILTER: The teapot comes with a removable glass filter, allowing you to steep your tea leaves or herbal infusions with ease. The filter ensures a smooth and flavorful tea while preventing any loose tea leaves from entering your cup.
  • DIRECT FIRE OR STOVE TOP SAFE: Designed to withstand direct heat, this teapot can be used on a direct fire or stove top for convenient tea preparation. Its versatility allows you to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of tea anytime, anywhere.
  • EXTRA FILTER CARTRIDGES: These cartridges allow you to place the tea leaves inside, while ensuring a lower water level. By heating the water and creating steam, the tea leaves are gently distilled, resulting in a unique and refreshing tea experience. Try this innovative approach for a delightful and aromatic tea steeping process.
  • HIGH-END AND FASHIONABLE DESIGN: Stylish design, comfortable lid, and bamboo handles give it a high-end and eco-friendly look, exuding a great sense of human touch.
  • 1200 ML CAPACITY: With a generous size of 1200 ml, this tea filter offers ample space to brew a large quantity of tea, perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying multiple servings. It allows you to steep a generous amount of tea leaves, ensuring a flavorful and satisfying tea experience.
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