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34.5" Charcoal Outdoor Portable Folding BBQ Mini-Grill

34.5" Charcoal Outdoor Portable Folding BBQ Mini-Grill

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  • THICK STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Our grill is made of thick steel, ensuring solidity and excellent abrasion resistance. It is designed to be durable and long-lasting, with no rust or twisting issues.
  • STAINLESS STEEL GRILL: The cooking area measures 23.8x7 inches and is constructed from stainless steel. This material provides durability and resistance to rust, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting grilling surface.
  • TWO SIDE SHELVES: The grill is equipped with two convenient side shelves, offering additional space for temporarily storing seasonings, plates, utensils, and other grilling essentials. Keep everything you need within reach for a seamless grilling experience.
  • VENTILATION HOLES FOR EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION: Designed with ventilation holes at both ends, our grill allows for easy control of airflow, resulting in even heat distribution across the grill surface. Enjoy consistent and deliciously grilled food every time.
  • EASY SETUP: Our grill requires no installation. Simply unfold the folding legs when you're ready to barbecue outdoors, and you're all set to start grilling. It offers convenience and ease of use, allowing you to focus on the cooking.
  • PORTABLE AND COMPACT: The grill can be easily folded and packed in a compact box, measuring only 25 x 8.5 x 3 inches. When opened, the BBQ grill provides a spacious grilling area with dimensions of 34 x 8 x 15 inches. It offers portability and easy storage, making it ideal for outdoor adventures and gatherings.
    • Length and width: 23” x 7.5” (58 x 19 cm)
    • Length (fully opened): 34.5” (87 cm)
    • Height: 14” (36 cm)
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