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Portable Heavy Duty Fire Bowl: 3 detachable legs

Portable Heavy Duty Fire Bowl: 3 detachable legs

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  • DURABLE AND RUST-RESISTANT: The fire pit bowl is constructed from thick and durable metal, ensuring longevity and resistance to rust. Its traditional round shape adds a classic touch to your outdoor space.
  • STURDY LEGS: The fire pit is supported by sturdy legs with a thickness of 0.8 inches. When fully assembled, it stands at a total height of 13 inches. The strong legs provide stability and support for the fire pit, making it suitable for various outdoor activities such as keeping warm or cooking BBQ.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Setting up the fire pit is quick and hassle-free. Simply screw the three legs into the designated screws, and you're ready to enjoy your fire. The fire pit can also be easily disassembled, making it convenient to carry and transport, particularly when traveling.
  • HIGH-QUALITY THICK MATERIAL: The fire pit is made of high-quality thick material, similar to cast iron. This material is highly resistant to burning and will not deform or sustain damage even with long-term use. Enjoy the durability and reliability of a fire pit that can withstand the test of time.
  • VERSATILE OUTDOOR USE: This fire pit is ideal for various outdoor activities, including campings, picnics, barbecues, and parties. It provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere, allowing you to gather around the fire and create memorable moments with family and friends.
    • Diameter: 22 Inch (56 cm) or 23.6 Inch (60 cm)
    • Height 13 Inch (33 cm)
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