Pre-seasoned potjie 8.6qt / 10qt

Size: 8.6qt
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  • JJ527#3 - 8.6 quarts
  • JJ527#4 - 10 quarts

Since the Iron-age, the cast iron potjie was not only used for cooking, but also shrouded in mystery because witches and druids favored these pots for their rituals and ceremonies. Ideally designed for cooking over an open fire, the round belly three legged pot was created during this age. In the mid 1600’s the early explorers, who used these pots exclusively on their expeditions, brought the tradition and style of the potjie pot to Africa. Tribal Africans, after seeing the practicality of the cast iron pot, were quick to trade animals, hides and other commodities, to replace clay pots that were usually used for cooking.


  • Well known as a Lifetime Pot, compared with pots of other materials, Cuisiland Dutch ovens are made of high quality cast iron, will last a lifetime (or more) if cared for properly.
  • 8.6 or 10 quarts South Africa Potjie with 3 integral tall legs, allows it sit perfectly over the campfire, maintains the liquids at the lowest point to prevent the food from burning.
  • Comes pre-seasoned out of the box, ready to cook upon opening.
  • High quality cast iron retains heat well and could be kept simmering over a few embers.
  • Trusted brand CUISILAND with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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